Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Species: Faerie
Year of Birth: unknown.

Hot-tempered Sinn Fae operative. A fanatic. An imposing figure among faeries (and would be one among humans if she ever used her size changing glamour). She spends several hours each morning painting her body and wings with elaborate woad patterns as well as liming up her hair, wears a tall hat with horns and is ready to explode at every real or perceived slight to herself or faeries in general. Abúi grew up in the same area as Wythllew although they've never met because Wythllew left long before Abúi was born. They do have many ideas in common though, and in fact Abúi owns a copy of an early draft of the Wythllewe Boke. The one thing she hates more than being ground under the heel of the lesser races is rain. She can't stand rain.


Abúi grew up in a remote area of the Faerie Kingdom where Fae traditions were very strictly upheld. The faerie Wythllew is from that same area, as is Ottar. However, Abui is from a wealthy, educated family, and can speak both Gnomian and Clwydian fluently. She believes faeries are the superior species of what is now the Gnomian Republic, and has joined Sinn Fae to fight for their independence. The Gnomes suspect her of being an intermediary between leading Sinn Fae figures and a shady group of faerie terrorists who disrupt public life in the Republic's capital by spreading Dust and planting Waylays in public places. So far, they haven't been able to prove the link, and they haven't found any Dust in her wrist and waist pouches either.

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