Father Ansgar

Father Ansgar
Species: Human
Year of Birth: Around 955.

A missionary priest with a reputation for being able to convert just about anyone and anything. He's not much of a theologian, but his fast thinking and his politically-minded spin on other people's beliefs have made him very effective as a missionary.


Prior to becoming the head of the church at Corvej, Slesvig-Holstein, Ansgar worked as a missionary in Northern Europe, among the Saami, the Finns and the Baltic people. At Corvej, he had hoped to settle down but his acquaintance with Norla, whom he converted and baptised, reinvigorated his ambitions. He has since sought out some of the world's strangest creatures and most depraved heathens in order to convert them as well. He is currently in the running to become Bishop of Munster.

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