Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae


Year of birth: Unknown

An immortal teenager born in Mesopotamia and tricked into living forever for the sole reason of perpetuating the belief in Spons as the god who created him. Atom is in love with Jody, and is a trained Alchemist in the art of witchcraft.


This character is on loan from No Stereotypes. What we know about him is that he has long been suicidal, and that he has powerful magical skills. He was one of a diverse group of people trapped in the FRAMED!!! Matrix and infected with Purple Duck Disease. He came into the Matrix from the 21st Century, but Kel saw him as a medieval Arab as a result of the Matrix's effect on human perception.

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© 1992-2003 Reinder Dijkhuis. Thanks to Kim Middel for help with the characters' last names.