Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Bess, Sanderon and Atra

Bess Johnswort
Species: Human
Year of Birth: Unknown.
Date of Death: Beltane's Eve, 958

A research witch. Worked with Sanderon Magnus, Corvinus Corax and young Atra to realise their dream of learning to shapeshift. Of the four, Bess was the most manipulative and the least scrupulous. This changed when Wythllew, a young Faerie, joined their household and just happened to teach her those skills she wouldn't be able to stop herself from using. She kept Sanderon and Atra spellbound after Corvinus had left the group, but it was Wythllew who reaped the benefits; Bess died in a fire just after completing the formula that would actually allow her to become a shapeshifter.

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