Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Species: Raven
Year of Birth: unknown, before 990...

Devourer of eyeballs, stealer of shiny things, talkative companion of Norla. Norla may or may not be the only person who can hear him talk.


Despite their considerable intelligence, ravens aren't too interested in the past, so all we know about Arthur the raven comes from Norla's reports. Norla first met the raven when he responded to her call while she was performing the Rite of Serfdom in a church in Corvey, Germany. Spurred on by the promise of good food, he agreed to carry a message to the Faerie lands, and bring back some items for Norla. Presumably he got plenty of food as a result, or he simply liked Norla, for more than a decade later he still recognised her. At that time, Norla was a captive of the witch Krakatoa in Clwyd-Rhan, and in a bit of trouble because the faerie's defensive measures against the inquisitive witch rendered her incapable of releasing her from her cage. The raven came to the rescue again and tagged along with the faerie for a while. So far, he's got a fox's carcass out of the bargain.
Arthur got his name from Jake the Gnome who thought the bird looked a bit like his cousin Árh'pthr.

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