Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Carrie worrying

Caroline Corby (aka Carrie)
Species: Human
Year of Birth: 976.

Daughter of Craigg Corby,son of Corvinus Corax, and Ethelfried. Cursed with the ability to change into a bird. Carrie is wary but daring, prefers to work alone, and likes sheep's eyeballs, rat and chicklets.


Born with the Curse of the Corbies, Carrie was working as a spy for a shadowy figure at the court of king Groy when she accidentally spotted the witches Kel, Atra and Krakatoa conspiring against Tamlin. Like her cousin Mags and her brother Jay, she took an instant dislike to Kel, resulting in her trying to poison Kel at the Mudslope Sabbath.

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