Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Craigg Corby and Ethelfried

Craigg Corby or Greg Corvey (aka Nutcracker)
Species: Human
Year of Birth: around 945.
Year of Death: 984

Son of Corvinus Corax. Husband of Ethelfried. Father of Leroukh, Carrie, Hoodie and Raven Corby. In life, an armourer, arms dealer and master blacksmith, as well as a rare Eastern European corvid that lives on nuts.


As a youth, Craigg Corby was a thin and morose fella with similar tastes in clothing as his father Corvinus Corax. He did, however, grow up to be a burly man with heavy arms, a barrel chest and a large moustache. This may have had something to do with the traumatic day when he was struck, along with his father, by the Corby Curse. Both father and son harboured an implacable hatred of magic ever since, and that meant that young Craigg was forced to pursue a different career than the one his father originally must have had in mind for him.

Despite the curse, Craigg did well within Clwydian society, marrying an Anglian beauty and rising through the ranks of the Blackmith's Guild. His wife helped him build up the business, and when he died in 984, he was a wealthy and respected man.

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