Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Daoibleagh peddling his wares to a dubious potential customer

Clap-Me-In-Irons Daoibleagh
Species: Faerie, with some Gnome blood
Year of Birth: unknown.

Purveyor of squishy acorns, hairy apples,blue-veined oatmeal and sentient cheese. An-eager looking Faerie wearing a long overcoat and trousers, and bearing a tray of foodstuffs that not even an ogre would eat. His mind is so well attuned to the bodhrans that the Faeries use to summon a crowd that he is often the first to turn up.


Someone like Daoibleagh appears everywhere a crowd gathers for a bit of live street theatre or angry mobbing and the individuals involved have forgotten to bring lunch. It's a natural law, and the biographical details of the unfortunate creature embodying the natural law are pretty much irrelevant. However, it's worth pointing out that few Faeries have any talent for selling anything at all, and even most faeries that wear clothes would consider an overcoat like the one Daoibleagh wears to be too heavy and a bit of a bother when trying to fly. It is therefore rumored that Daoibleagh is wingless, a result of one of his ancestors being a gnome. This, and his ruthless exploitation of the impromptu demonstrations drummed up by P'Séagg makes him a favored target for that radical faerie's abuse.

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