Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae

Duke Henry
Here be a dragon

Species: Green-Frilled Dragon
Year of Birth: unknown

A dragon. Polite, even aristocratic in demeanor, but liable to devour you alive if hungry. Without a knife and fork, because underneath a dragon's love of refined conversation lie the instinct of a ravenous monster. It is, however, unlikely to eat elves or magicians because they give it indigestion. "Once bitten, twice shy" is a rule dragons live by although they themselves, of course, never need to bite more than once.

The dragon is nameless because it would never do anything as crass as slapping an arbitrary or self-serving label on itself.


Dragon has survived in its rock cavern for hundreds of years by keeping to itself, refraining from terrorising the locals or eating virgins and not building up enough of a hoard to attract many people like Young Tamlin. Nevertheless some creative and foolhardy people have over the years sought him out to kill it in interesting ways. The last of these was an alchemist who had swallowed a slow-working poison which gave Dragon the mother of all indigestions. Since, it has been very dilligent about sniffing prospective victims out before devouring them.

"Victims", incidentally, refers to people coming to the dragon for a quick end to their suffering; the people of the rock lands of Clwyd-Rhan have long discovered that instead of sending fresh virgins to a dragon, they can make do with suicidally depressed, elderly or terminally sick people who can make one more contribution to society that way. It is considered an honorable way to go.

In August/September, 1000, Kel visited the dragon in search of a cure for her nightmares. Kel won the dragon's trust by offering it hard salted meat and staying close to the dragon until she smelled of the lair. Your Mileage May Vary.

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