Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Ethelfrida Corby
Species: Human
Year of Birth: ca. 952

A wealthy widow, mother of Leroukh Corby, Carry Corby, Hudde Corby, and Raven Corby. Bit of a wild girl in her youth, which is why she once got along very well with Tamlin indeed. Ethelfried knows what she wants and is not shy about asking for it. She is also not above pulling the odd string or so.

Lately, she is wondering if showing Tamlin the door was the right thing to do.


Ethelfried as a young woman Ethelfried Svearthar was born in Wantley, near what is now Sheffield, England, in the 950s. There she met the young Tamlin who was at the time a wandering adventurer and sword-for-hire. As a condition for ridding the town of the dragon that was terrorising it, Tamlin demanded to be anointed by a young woman the night before, and the ever-practical Ethelfried volunteered. This worked well, for not only did they have a fine night together, Ethelfried was instrumental in guiding the hung-over Tamlin to his agreed-upon task the next morning.

They staid together for some time after that, but eventually went their separate ways. Ethelfried did settle permanently in Clwyd-Rhan, marrying a master armourer, Craigg Corby. Little did she know that her husband bore the Corby Curse, as did all children from that marriage. After Craigg's death in 984, she managed the family fortune, but was forced to do so on her own, because her offspring steadily withdrew themselves from the household, and from human society as a whole.

Ethelfried met Tamlin again in 1000, and both were very eager to renew their acquaintance until Ethelfried discovered that Tamlin was the father presumptive of Ragnarok's yet-to-be-born child.

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