Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Fire Elf
Fire Elf

Name: unknown
Species: Fire Elf
Year of Birth: unknown, many hundreds of years ago.

One of a nearly-extinct race of Fire Elves, who over the centuries have been the guardians of the Fire of Ungdomma. Like other Fire Elves, she is ferocious and single-minded.

The most difficult thing about dealing with Fire Elves in general is to calm them down from a berserker rage. Once they're calmed down, they can be quite reasonable.


The Fire Elf, her liberators, and Fay

This one was taken prisoner by Countess Alcydia's ancestor Antigeria who also had most of the other Fire Elves killed. After several hundred years chained to a wall in Alcydia's castle, in front of the oven in which the rejuvenating Fire of Ungdomma still burned, she was freed by Kel, Krakatoa and Duchess Guðrún. She is now heading back towards the Desert of Fire (there's a clear common denominator in the lives of the members of her species) to look for others of her kind.

Fire Elves have been getting it in the shorts (or would if they wore shorts) for many, many centuries. Before they became the guardians of the Fire of Ungdomma, they were enslaved by the Douards, a mysterious and now lost race of underground elven folk notorious for their cruelty to other elven species and for one another. The battle in which they fought themselves free was exceptionally bloody and goes a long way to explain why these Douards are now a lost race.

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