Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


The Green Knight

The Green Knight
Species: Elemental
Year of Birth: The Green Knight is as old as the forest.

A spirit of the wood. An imposing figure: tall and bulky, clad in green and with a greenish tinge to his hair and beard. The Green Knight lives to hunt and live the chivalrous life in the woods, and to test the mettle of any visitors. He does this by means of beheading contests in which he is first beheaded by his opponent, then gets to behead the opponent himself; if the opponent behaves as bravely as the Knight does, he passes the test and is rewarded.
Beyond that, he seems to have no needs, and he may only exist periodically at all. However, he has two castles, one of stone and one, older, motte and bailey construction made of timber. He also takes servants: to be precise, he seems to have a regular account with the Elven Office of Rites; even before the formation of the Gnomian Republic, Elves, Faeries and Gnomes sent initiates taking the Rite of Serfdom to his castles to help out. The Green Knight has no respect for the Rite, though, and usually keeps initiates bound to his property after their year has run its course.


The Green Knight has been around forever. The Rogues first heard of him when one of Tamlin's prospective clients told him of the Knight's belt, which the client claimed grants the Knight invincibility. Tamlin decided to have some of that, and eventually took part in one of the Knight's famous beheading contests. As a result of this, albeit not quite according to procedure, he gained the belt, and took home with him the knight's servant Kel. Kel would later recount how the Knight had enslaved her.
In 1001, Kel's husband Jodoque took the test, and likewise subverted the regular proceedings.

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