Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae


King Groy the Greedy, King of Clwyd-Rhan
Species: Human
Year of Birth: unknown. Younger than he looks.

The cruel and rapacious tyrant of Clwyd-Rhan. In recent years, he has left the Rogues alone on the unspoken condition that they stay in their own piece of wilderness near Dungil Fens. The Rogues think this is out of gratitude for saving his kingdom; in reality, it is because the Rogues have more weaponry than money. Groy is the kind of person for whom the Gold Standard means a place to put it all.
The King is not ashamed of his larcenous and devious character, and has gone as far as to change the national coat of arms to include the image of a magpie.

The King has survived at least one palace coup against him, and since then, he's kept a much lower profile than before. Even his attempts to secure himself a rich wife to continue the dynasty with have largely ceased.


Ten years ago, Groy was a blight on the landscape, energetically finding new ways to bleed his people dry. The tax burden was so heavy that tax gatherers groaned and often collapsed under the weight.

In 993, Groy created a free zone where witches could practice freely after they helped him arrest a group of complete bastards who had assaulted one of his Racing Goblins.

In 997, Groy was temporarily deposed by one of his generals, guided by Archbishop Sickepit. With the help of Duchess Guðrún and Tamlin's gang, he regained his power but lost his jester, Jodoque. Presumably, the general was replaced; the archbishop's post is vacant to this day. Although a Christian at least technically, Groy does not see the need for a new Archbishop in a mostly pagan country, especially considering that in his hour of need, his most prominent supporters were witches.

Recently, the King has spent most of his time in bed, under the influence of a slow poison procured by Duchess Guðrún and the Gnomian High Priest. As a result, he has raised taxes hardly at all, and the Kingdom has seen steady economic growth. There is some evidence that the King isn't feeling nearly as badly as he's letting on, and this may mean trouble for some slow poisoners in the long run...

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