Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae

Duke Henry

Henry, Duke of Dungil Fens
Species: Human
Year of Birth: unknown

A kindly nobleman, beloved by his people. Duke Henry is not very bright, active or brave, and has therefore been a blessing to the inhabitants of Dungil Fens, who do exactly as they please.


Duke Henry was the only courtier (apart from Jodoque, who was a jester and therefore didn't really count) to support King Groy during the palace coup of 997. He went into hiding with his liege lord, seeking shelter in a hovel in the forest, which turned out to be Tamlin's secret ale storage room. They met the gang who were having trouble keeping up with the competition, and teamed up in order to kill two birds with one stone.

Once restored to power, the King quickly forgot all about the Duke, figuring him as a dimwit and a waste of space. However, the Duke, dim or not, is popular with the people of Dungil Fens, and enjoys the political and magical support of his wife, Guðrún; as a result, his Duchy is thriving.

In 1,000, the Duke hired Tamlin's gang as mercenaries to track down his wife who had gone missing in Iceland. Upon the return of his wife (if that's what returned), he granted the gang extensive holdings of farmland, which as it turned out has tamed them.

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