Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


A rare sighting of Richard Corby without his hooded cloak

Richard "Hudde" Corby (aka Hoodie)
Species: Human
Year of Birth: 978.

Son of Craigg Corby,son of Corvinus Corax, and Ethelfried. Cursed with the ability to change into a bird. Hoodie is solitary and secretive, and has similar tastes in food as his sister Carrie.


At the time his sister Carrie and their cousins Jay and Mags were working as spies for an unnamed individual at the King's court, Hoodie was unemployed and living at the Corby cottage. Throughout the events involving Kel and the Corby Clan, Hoodie has kept a low profile, except to offer suggestions at family meeting or deliver messages to his mother Ethelfried.

Lately, Hudde has been working as Duke Henry's quartermaster.

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