Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

by Reinder Dijkhuis

Cast of characters

The Gang
Kel Jodoque Ragnarok Tamlin Atra Jake
Witches, wizards and alchemists
Guðrún Krakatoa Sanderon Corvinus Corax
Bess Johnswort
Mother Turniproot
(probably not deceased)
Elspeth, Queen of the witches Sari Ioannes
Elspeth Alcydia Sari Leppiainnen Ioannes Shireen Marion
The Corby Clan
Ethelfried Leroukh Corby Raven Corby Margaret Corby Jay Corby
Ethelfried Leroukh Raven Mags Jay Hoodie
Carrie Craigg Corby
Carrie Craigg
Citizens of the Gnomian Republic
C.M.I.I. Daoibleagh Sidhe
Wythllew Ottar Kangra Norla Daoibleagh P'séaigg
First High Priest Gnomian Minister of Justice Isolde the lawyer Maghreid Second High Priest
High Priest Minister of Justice Lawyer Maghreid Fire Elf Other High Priest
Master of Rituals The Ritual Master's assistant Abui Bonfire the thief Clydesdale the thief The Young Lady Eniac, Daughter of Lord Vax
Ritual Priest Ritual Assistant Abúi Bonfire Clydesdale Eniac
Spig the Smuggler Feiht the Thief Lord High Justice Dodr Hairsplitter Fuddeagh Assizor D'Owd
Spig Feiht Dodr Fuddeagh D'Owd Fafnir
Feiht the Thief Storbjørn Rásdondr Clampfoot the registrar Aideall
Brakeburn Grimborgsman Hywel Rasdondr Clampfoot Aideall
Aléas Sash Vigdis Cef Brushhead Grendel
Aléas Sash Vigdis Cef Brushhead Grendel
Henry Fieffelfalsfaffel Representative Nilfisksson Green Knight Fay
Duke Henry King Groy Fieffelfalsfaffel Nilfisksson Green Knight Fay
Scarabus the Earth-Pig Leppiainnen the bath house man Harold The Leafy Green Dragon Hildegard Sheriff Hogsworth
Scarabus Leppiainen Harold Dragon Hildegard Sheriff Hogsworth
Father Ansgar Tom Lisa Spontaneous Atom Jody
Father Ansgar Tom Lisa Spons Atom Jody
The Raven Bertie Hogsworth Jean-Pierre the French Rooster Demona Scale Rogye Nightmare
Raven (the) Hogsworth Jean-Pierre Demona Scale Rogye Nightmare
A squirrel< Menjou Lynette Sheridan
Advisors The Feral Owen
A squirrel Menjou Lynette Sheridan Advisors Feral Owen
Bartholomew Messenger Witch Catastrophe
Bartholomew Messenger Witch Catastrophe

And assorted travelers, bath house guests, sailors, servants, vikings, wolfmen, monks, horses, sheep, pigeons and puffins.

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© 1992-2008 Reinder Dijkhuis. Thanks to Kim Middel for help with the characters' last names.