Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Jake the Gnome (birth name Khalkuptulgr)
Species: Gnome
Year of Birth: ca. 890

A quiet, dependable fighter, poacher and trader who prefers the halberd over more sophisticated weapons. Jake is never short of a sarcastic comment or a gnomic expression. In fact, that's all he ever opens his mouth for. He is nostalgic for his homeland, but whenever he returns, he hates it with a passion.

Jake's usually a trustworthy kind of guy, but he does get mixed into Gnomian politics from time to time, and he has an unfortunate weakness for pretty girls, especially when they wear lots of jewelry.


Jake had already known Tamlin for several years when they, Atra and the Leppiainens founded the gang in 973. At the time, he was making a living as a poacher, a skill he has kept up over the years. The lifespan of a Gnome is longer than that of a Human, so they have a lot of time to pick up skills. If you need to crack a skull, trap a pheasant or sell some merchandise that fell off the back of a cart, Jake's the Gnome to go to.

Jake is often seen pining for his homeland, but when he went back there in 994, he didn't like it there either. Compared to the turbulent ethnic stew (not so much a melting pot as a boiling cauldron that can go "ploof!" any moment) that is the land of the Gnomes, life in Clwyd-Rhan is quiet and uncomplicated, with only the law to worry about. He has so far been able to resist the temptation to go to his country of birth again.

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