Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Species: Chicken
Year of Birth: unknown

Francophone rooster and head of a harem of interchangeable chickens. He can't talk, but crows with a French accent, and the faerie Norla's brain hears his utterances as Clwydian with a heavy French accent.


Jean-Pierre's life so far has been full of adventure. He was brought to Clwyd-Rhan from Normandy after being captured on a raid by Norse pirates. These ruffians, unsophisticated as they were, felt that something was missing from their image, and their captain figured that they would be so much cooler if they all had talking birds on their shoulder. Their experiments with puffins and kittywakes had so far come to naught, but they gave it one more shot with the chicken population of the town they had recently raided, and so for the next few weeks as they were headed towards Clwyd-Rhan, they spent many hours trying to teach Jean-Pierre and his family to talk. Eventually, they gave up and ate the chickens, but Jean-Pierre managed to escape from slaughter by pecking the ship's cook on the head, running away and then attacking the captain. Upon capture, he was made to walk the plank. He fell off the plank onto the back of a passing dolphin who took him to the coast. There he was awaited by an angry mob who had amassed there to fend off the Norse pirates. He valiantly fought on the villagers' side against his former mentors, and was made the village mascot in recognition. However, his prestige soon evaporated when the villagers became increasingly annoyed at his loud, accented crooning, and he was sold to a poultry merchant who took him to the market in Clwyd City. He was snapped up there by the witch Atra along with a flock of hens. At the Rogues' homestead, he has gained the love of his hens and fathered many chicks. He is slightly concerned by the speed at which these chicks disappear from the henhouse, but it hasn't occured to him that the people who bring him food every day may have something to do with this.

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