Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Jodoque Davignon
Year of Birth: 976.
Species: Human, albeit French.

Jodoque has left a cushy job as court jester for King Groy the Greedy for an uncertain existence with the gang so he could be with Kel. He is a little too serious to be a jester anyway. Jodoque can be at times skeptical and levelheaded, and at other times naive and insecure. Skills include singing and playing the lute, as well as juggling balls, sticks, knives and Kel's volatile temper. Joined in 997.

Like many who have a background in jestering, Jodoque is a fairly serious fellow, although he does have a jester-like tendency to speak his mind unthinkingly. Indeed, Faeries and other sensitive beings can spot what's in his mind before he speaks it, so perhaps that's why he can't be bothered to censor himself. He is faithful to Kel although he's finding it hard. This may be why Kel always forgives him.


Jodoque in
1000 Little is known about Jodoque Davignon's background, and he's not telling much. He was born in 976, presumably of French parents. When he was first seen liberating King Groy from an oubliette in 997, he looked older than he was, and was dumpy and bandy-legged. The forest air must have done him good, because just weeks after meeting Kel, he became the thin, slightly wild-looking man he is now.

As the only man who remained faithful to the King, he would probably have been considered for a more senior post after the King was restored to the throne through the actions of the gang. However, after some soul-searching, he opted to stay with Kel, and is now unofficially married to her, and the father of her child. Since then, he's become strangely attractive to unattached and sultry women, a fact which frustrates him no end.

Jodoque now has a job as one of the Town Crier Network, reading the news and impersonating the authorities whenever an exact quote is needed.

Jodoque is never seen speaking French in public, and prefers beer to wine.

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