Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae


Name: Kel Mansdottir
Year of Birth: 975 a.d.(?)
Species: 1/2 human, 1/2 fae.

Kel is a young woman who can't seem to make her mind up whether she wants to be a witch or a musician. She is married, ahem, to Jodoque, and has a child with him, Fay. Since Tamlin's departure from the gang, she has had to take up a large part of the responsibilities that come with running the estate. She finds this exhausting, but it's still better than things were a few years ago, when she was the lowest-ranking member in a gang that dwelled in various pits and tree huts in the forest.

Kel is good at nearly everything she does although the art of fighting seems to be a weak spot for her. By birth and by training, she's an able witch with a natural if somewhat limited shape-shifting talent, but she is also good at playing musical instruments. She manages well at management, surprisingly enough, and although she has taken a lot of risks with her small child, this does not seem to bother the child much, so that's quite OK.

As a result of her upbringing in the land of the faeries, Kel often finds herself wearing a silly hat. She puts on a silly hat at every opportunity that presents itself, and is often unaware that she has in fact got a silly hat on her head. Jodoque quite appreciates seeing Kel in a silly hat, so that worked well for her as well. One other result of spending her early years with the faeries is her complete disregard for Clwydian customs and traditions. On the other hand, she doesn't understand fae customs very well.


Kel in 987Kel reckons she was born around the year 975. Her father was a human musician, her mother a tree-dwelling faerie. To give birth to a live half-human, her mother has had to wear a Size Glamour throughout her pregnancy, which rather took its toll on her. As a half-human growing up among the faeries, Kel was considered an oversized, clumsy, shy and wingless faerie who fell out of trees a lot. Little is known about her between the moment she went off to take the Rite of Serfdom at the age of fourteen, and the day she surfaced as the Green Knight's bondswoman. She was liberated, after a fashion, from the Green Knight's clutches, by Tamlin's gang.

The gang considered Kel an undersized, clumsy, wanton and flighty girl who climbed into trees a lot. Initially, they tolerated rather than accepted her, because she wasn't, on the whole, much use to them. Eventually, she found her place, and after a short visit to the land of the Gnomes, where she discovered her shapeshifting ability, the witch Atra started trying to train this strange half-elven girl with the powerful natural magic.

The next year, in 997, she met Jodoque, King Groy's court jester. The king had fallen on hard times, but after he was returned to his rightful position, Jodoque stuck around with the gang. They now consider themselves married although the arrangement is somewhat rural. Kel gave birth to her daughter Fay in late 1000. This has not stopped her from getting into more trouble at every opportunity.

Kel in 999Sometime in 999, she was whisked away from her own dimensional reality to that of the Keenquest, where she was forced to look for Douglas Adams's towel. This quest also took her to Arcadia, where she hung out with gods and demons, and saw a Thundering Contest. She never spoke about this with anyone, but for some time afterwards, Jodoque somehow felt he didn't measure up.

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