Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae


Krakatoa Hekludóttir
Species: Human
Year of Birth: Unknown.

Candidata Arcana from the Wittenberg Academy and junior witch. She moved to Clwyd-Rhan at the end of the Guðrún storyline, to continue her magical studies. She was educated at Wittenberg, where despite being rather bookish and studious, she got herself in a lot of trouble with two of her friends on a regular basis. She is a very keen witch with an explosive temper and a strong desire to prove herself. Warning: It is probably unwise to take that "Maiden, Mother, Crone" stuff too literally where Kra is concerned.

Krakatoa's far-reaching ambitions and experimental approach make her a forerunner of modern scientists. Specifically the ones who get hauled before an ethics committee by their professional organisations.


Cause and EffectKra's mother, a certified seeress, named her daughter after some future event which, she later explained, "will mean unto the world what you mean unto your father and me". Kra thinks it must have something to do with peace for all mankind or cosmic harmony.

She first met up with the gang on Iceland, where she was fending off attacks by Alcydia's wolfmen and ambushes by her employer, Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel, the Witch Queen's ambassador in Iceland. A strong-headed girl and a quick hand with a codfish, her relationship with the rogues was necessarily somewhat turbulent in the beginning. However, she earned their respect after aiding Atra (goading her on, really) in demolishing Alcydia's castle. She's since come with the gang to Clwyd-Rhan to study traditional witchery under Atra, with a view to later returning to Wittenberg to work on her doctoral thesis, tentatively named "The Rustic Witch: Earth Mother, Midwife or Drunken Slob?" Thanks to her liaisons with the gang, Kra struck up a deep friendship with Kel (interrupted by the obligatory bashing each other around the ears with broomsticks) and has twice come to unfavourable notice from the Witch Queen. Not that she wouldn't have managed the latter without aid. She's just gone about it a bit quicker.

Since her arrival in Clwyd-Rhan, Kra has turned her mind to inventing magical gadgets. Her portable crystal balls, powered by a short, simple blessing and capable of being used by non-witches, are a great success.

Kra was hit by the rejuvenation spell that Guðrún used to facilitate the birth of Ragna's son. Fortunately, she only lost a few years, and her temper. The Queen patched things up visually, for reasons that few would dare ask her to explain.

(Created by Geir Strøm and Daniel Østvold, Kra is on loan, so to speak. Thanks to Geir for the biographical information)

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