Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Mr. Leppiainnen
Leppi carrying water

Pekka Leppiainnen
Species: Human
Year of Birth: unknown.

Formerly a member of Tamlin's gang, now a businessman. Owner of Leppiainen's bath house and sauna complex, where all of Clwyd-Rhan come to bathe in water that is guaranteed to be free of that nasty bubonic plague. Man of few words, and most of those incomprehensible. Presumably likes vodka. Has odd religious beliefs.


Pekka Leppiainnen was one of the founding members of Tamlin's gang, along with his wife Sari, Jake the Gnome and Atra Cambrensis. Leppi met Tamlin when he disembarked from a Viking warship; he and his wife were forced to leave for being too unruly. Looking for a place to stay, Tamlin, then temporarily on hard times, tried to pick Leppiainnen's pocket. However, Sari spotted him and eventually managed to restrain her husband so they could ask Tamlin questions about the town. They formed a gang that was active in the city, until the ground got too hot under their feet and they relocated to the forest, hooking up with Atra and Jake.

Eventually, the Leppiainnens left the gang and became the nearly respectable entrepreneurs they are today. They run the bath house together, doing brisk business, and Sari does some midwifery on the side.

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