Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Leroukh Corby
Species: Human (before 1001), Corvus Florilegus (after 1001)
Year of Birth: ca. 973

Oldest son of Craigg and Ethelfried Corby. A shaggy, beady-eyed man who prefered to spend most of his time in his corvid form. Like all of Craigg Corby's offspring, he was cursed with the ability to change into a bird. Unlike most of the clan, however, he had some instinctive idea of how to cope with this, and as soon as the notion that the curse was only a curse because the Corbies chose to view it that way was made explicit to him, he opted to stay in his corvid form forever (all the others chose to remain human). Present whereabouts unknown, although the Corbies like to think he has found himself a rookery with a view of the forest, and a nice girl to nest with.


Within the Corby Clan, Leroukh was always a loner, at least as a human. Rooks are gregarious, and so presumably he must have enjoyed the company of other rooks before the curse was resolved. Apart from that, Leroukh's personal history is no different from those of the others; his life was marked by an increasing awareness of being a freak, and this resulted in a self-imposed isolation from the rest of the world, until the confrontation with Kel that would eventually lead to the curse being resolved. It's not clear, by the way, where Leroukh's name came from. His grandfather Corvinus Corax had an interest in magic, so he may have been named after an arabic magician whose identity is now lost.

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