Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Margaret Corby (aka Mags or Maggie)
Species: Human
Year of Birth: 978.

Daughter of "Rev" Corby, son of Corvinus Corax. Cursed with the ability to change into a bird. Mags is bold, intelligent and sociable, and likes shiny things and the flesh of newly-hatched birds. She often makes plans on behalf of the family, plans whose malevolent purpose is often directed at Kel.


Born with the Curse of the Corbies, Mags was working as a spy for a shadowy figure at the court of king Groy when she accidentally spotted the witches Kel, Atra and Krakatoa conspiring against Tamlin. As a result of the Curse, the Corbies deeply mistrust and hate witches, and Kel's perceptive abilities spooked her particularly. Seeking to neutralise the threat, Mags decided to deliver a piece of paper containing a prophecy that might be interpreted to refer to Kel, to her employer at the court.

If her employer received it, he hasn't acted upon it now. Kel's path has crossed that of the close-knit Corby family quite often.

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