Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Species: Faerie
Year of Birth: unknown, before 975.

A full-blooded tree faerie, half-sister to Kel and sister to Kangra. Norla is a professional musician, a fitting job for a faerie of her background. She fought in all 4 Contention Wars, which has made her a fervent supporter of the Gnomian Republic and the Pax Gnomica. She has a hot temper and is not afraid to show it.

Norla has the rare habit among faeries of prefering to wear lots of clothing and adopting human and Gnomian culture to a much greater extent than her sister or her mother. This makes her almost as likely to be taken for a half-human as Kel (it is not unheard of for half humans to have normal ears and even vestigial wings).


Norla is older than Kel. She performed her Rite of Serfdom at a church in Corvej, Slesvig-Holstein, in 989-990. She fought in the Tree Faerie Liberation army during the First Contention War, then joined the Elven Underground in which she fought in the next three Contention Wars. She made it to the rank of Captain, at which point she fell in love with another Captain, P'Seaigg, whom she had known as a child. They were lovers, but were driven apart because they had differing opinions about damn nearly everything. Since then, they've been driven further apart, because P'Seagg is a card-carrying Funny Hat, whereas Norla, alone of her clan, supports the Thieving Bastards.

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