Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Species: Faerie
Year of Birth: unknown, probably early 980s.

A faerie, carrying out his Rite of Serfdom in Clwyd-Rhan. Initially, he was brought in by Wythllew to serve Leroukh Corby, and by extention, the Corby clan. He has since switched allegiance to Tamlin's gang.

Ottar is loyal, in a way. He has an independent mind that makes taking the Rite hard for him. He may well be carpetbagging the gang's belongings, but he will protect them to the death. And wash their socks.

Ottar is noticeably handy when it comes to scaring off household pests - the chickens are safe as is the carrot patch. But his favorite activity is working with fabrics. Ottar loves making clothes, even though he hardly ever wears any himself.


Ottar is from a remote forest area, the same area where Wythllew and Abúi come from. His speech patterns resemble Wythllew's.

Ottar was originally brought in by the evil faerie Wythllew, to help the Corby clan fight Kel, Atra and all witches in general. Hearing the true story of the origin of the Corby curse made him realise that this was not an aim he could agree with, so he kicked up a row with Leroukh Corby and resigned from his post to join Kel instead.

Since then, he's been washing their clothes, sweeping their floors and looking after the two babies currently in the household. And nicking their stuff, because he can't help himself.

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