Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan



Sanderon Magnus
Species: Human
Year of Birth: around 920.

One of few male witches in Clwyd-Rhan, but certainly not the only one. A venerable mage, teacher to Atra and occasionally to Kel. At about eighty years of age, he shows little sign of slowing down.

Sanderon is the author of several manuscripts including Ritual and Lore among the Elven folk, Sanderon's Grammar and On Shapeshifting.


Sanderon in 954 Sanderon is one of the most prominent research witches and has always been that way. In the 950s, he was part of a disastrous project with Bess Johnswort, Corvinus Corax and young Atra to discover a method of shapeshifting for people born without this rare talent. They discovered one, but it all ended in tears, and with one of the group having shapeshifting inflicted upon him and his descendents as a curse. Bess Johnswort died in the same incident, and their faerie servant Wythllew disappeared.

Sanderon then took young Atra under his wing, and she became quite fond of him. In 994, at the Eclipse Festival, she introduced her own apprentice, Kel to him, although Kel was rather under the influence at the time, and didn't really take notice of him until several days later.

Kel also became fond of him, meeting him again from time to time as her busy schedule allowed. In 1001, at the annual Mudslope Sabbath, Sanderon watched over her bed as she lay nearly dying of poisoning, caused by one of Corvinus' descendents, Carrie Corby. He then revealed his own connection to the Corby clan to her.

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