Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae

Scarabus in full Crusader gear

Name: Scarabus the Earth-Pig
Species: Human, enchanted
Year of Birth: unknown

To call Scarabus a bit of a pillock would be to miss an opportunity to call him a omplete and utter pillock. Scarabus, who talks about himself in the third person, is a drunk, a lecher, thick as a rock piled on top of another rock, and about as trustworthy as a promise from MicroHenge that their next product won't collapse out of existence, honest, guv, no runes all over the place ever again. Had they met in different circumstances, Tamlin and gang would have got along with him quite well. However, any friend of Wythllew's becomes an enemy of the Rogues very quickly.


Scarabus had the extreme misfortune of being a soldier when King Groy was deposed in a palace coup in 997. Part of the counterrevolutionary plot hatched by Duchess Guðrún to make the usurper unpopular quickly was an arranged skirmish between an army patrol and a group of witches holding a Sabbat. In the event, Scarabus was turned into an anthropomorphic aardvark, and this shape resonated so well with his inner nature that he didn't change back.

Scarabus contemplates 
breasts Kel's involvement in this came to haunt her in the spring of the next year, when Scarabus, seeing her take a bath in the lake, developed a crush on her (he also saw Atra bathing, but although his capacity to covet females is endless, an unstoppable crush on Atra somehow failed to develop). Atra tried to cure Scarabus, but the attempt resulted only in a cauldron full of toxic sludge which was dumped near Wythllew's tree, awakening this dangerous faerie from her meditations. She and Scarabus soon saw how they could benefit from one another's abilities, Scarabus having absorbed so much magic in his body that more of it won't affect him and being prepared to follow orders unquestioningly.

Fortunately, Scarabus' weakness for breasts was stronger than his loyalty to Wythllew, and their plans for world domination and the removal of Kel from Wythllew's life were thwarted. Scarabus showed up two years later, when Satan lost a very important towel to him. He sold it for beer to a passing stranger.

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