Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae


Species: none
Year of birth: Unknown

Originally the ancient Mesopotamian demi-god of Spontaneity and lapses in judgement, his original name of Spons, was discovered on a single statue uncovered in the buried city of Ur and translated. Spontaneous, his current name, was given to him by Jody when Atom used it as an adjective, and she thought it was a proper noun. Spons can change form, but is limited to the restraints of that form. For example, if he is a bat, he will crave fruit, become nocturnal, and will require resting his wings every 5 hours. He can change to any form as long as it is 1)purple and 2)contains his signature large toothy grin and oval eyes.


This character is on loan from No Stereotypes. He was one of a diverse group of people and creatures trapped in the FRAMED!!! Matrix and infected with Purple Duck Disease. Spons came into the Matrix from the 21st Century, in the shape of a shapeless purple blob. He could only communicate with Kel, whom he found slow-witted.

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