The Fae Wythllew
Species: Faerie
Birth: in the first quarter of the 10th Century

Psychopathic, power-hungry faerie who can be controlled by surrounding her with smelly objects such as socks that have been worn by a gnome. Worse than her unfettered ambition and nastyness is her abuse of the Clwydian language. She's been a thorn in the side of the people in the gang for many years, and her life has in fact been intertwined with them for half a century.

Wythllew has chosen for herself a shape that is closer to human or High Elven than the traditional appearance of faeries; her Size Glamour is one of the more effective among the fae, and uses up more energy every day than a poorly-trained halfbreed like Kel can muster in a lifetime. However, Kel is increasingly able to defeat her by wit and manipulation, which are an important part of witchcraft.


Wythllew in 954 Wythllew performed the Rite of Serfdom in Bess Johnswort's cottage in Clwyd-Rhan in the mid-950s, when she was already an adult faerie. Until then, her attention had been taken up by scholarly pursuits, which she compiled into a large folio volume entitled The Wythllewe Boke.This book covered subjects ranging from faerie history and religion to advanced necromancy, and only two copies exist.

A Faerie
Trapped It is not clear why Wythllew suddenly took the rite, but it may have had something to do with a desire to become a full citizen of the Tree Faerie Kingdom, and to be allowed the full use of her magical abilities. Or perhaps she enjoyed the company of research witches; the project that Bess was undertaking with the help of Corvinus Corax, Sanderon Magnus and young Atra closely matched her own interests.

Traditionally, faeries do their Ritual work in secret although this is one area where the rules of the Rite are flexible. Wythllew, however, was discovered towards the end of her serving period, upon which she continued serving in more specialised ways, providing them with resources to complete their shapeshifting project.

By the time the project ended in confusion and a blazing fire, Wythllew had already completed her Rite of Serfdom and was hanging on for her own devious purposes; presumably, then, she reported to the Office of Rites afterwards, and gained full citizenship and the use of her powers. Since then, her appearance has changed; from a small, purple faerie shape to a tall, lanky, peach-colored form that resembled that of a High Elf, albeit one with vestigial wings. She took up residence inside a cloven pine, where she continued her studies with as little interruption as possible.

Wythllew's one weakness is her aversion to strong smells, particularly the body odor of Gnomes. A ring of stinky mushrooms or Gnomes' socks around her tree can affect her so badly that she will do anything to be rid of it. Tamlin's gang first used this weakness in 993, summoning her in order to ask them a question concerning a moral dilemma. She has resented this intrusion ever since, and has a particularly strong dislike for Kel, the half-human.

She crossed their paths again in 997, after Kel and Jodoque carelessly dumped one of Atra's toxic brews near her tree. Then, she teamed up with Scarabus the Earth-Pig to control the local population and incidentally have her revenge on Kel. This plan eventually failed, as did a scheme in 1000 to rid herself of the gang by collaborating with the Corby Clan who also wanted to get rid of Kel. Eventually, the partnership was torn apart by the intervention of Raven Corby and the Faerie Ottar.

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