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February 10, 2005

Brakeburn's liberties with history are analysed

Norla: I saw Brakeburn work on this painting, but I hadn't noticed he got that cross in!

Jodoque: That's you, then? Signing -

Norla: The Constitution, yes.

Jodoque: Weren't you a bit young for that?

Norla: Bwah. I'd done the Rite, served in three wars. I even tried to write the damned thing with some friends.
Mind you, when the scholars were done with it, it was nothing like what we'd come up with. But I did get to sign it.
It ... didn't look a bit like this. Lord Imac was drunk, general Jernfresr was on his deathbed. I was in uniform. no funny hat, no paint on my shoulder.
I'm glad he got that cross in. If the wodeskovians or my mother found out, there'd be a-

Clerk: Ahem. If you could please come along, ladies and gentleman...

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