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April 04, 2005

While we wait for the update functionality on Modern Tales to be restored after the recent technical meltdown, here's something I want to show you:

The roads in Clwyd-Rhan are treacherous
This is the first episode of the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story "Guðrún", first published on July 5, 2000 (there had been introductory pages posted in the days before that, but this is where the story began in earnest). Only, this is not what the page looked like on July 5, 2000. I have spent some of my copious spare time in the past few weeks re-scanning and re-editing the old pages, because I could no longer bear to look at the version as originally published online, and didn't have any good master files to make new versions from.

Two chapters of the storyline are already finished, and at the time of the crash, I had already entered them into the Modern Tales archives instead of the original versions. I will need to re-enter them when the site comes back up.

Many people now following the series here have never seen those old episodes at all, and those who saw them at the time only saw them in the old, jaggy, off-white format with only eight shades of grey. So during this difficult week for Modern Tales, here's a glimpse of what you can find in the archives if you subscribe. Take it from a guy who has just spent a bit of time looking over the material that it's good!

Here's the next episode:


I'll show another one tomorrow. Courtly Manners resumes on Wednesday.

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