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August 29, 2006

Roadworks Goblins, at your service! Devourers of drunkards, sluggards and bums!

*) Yellow slippery bricks: Groningen's inner city shopping streets have been paved with yellow bricks for some time now. Well, yellow-ish. These bricks turned out to be magnets for grime and chewing gum, and very slippery when wet. But at least we can tell tourists to follow the yellow-brick road to the Martini Tower.

**) Pelsterstraat: Street in Groningen in which the comics shops Modern Papier and Zinnebeeld are located.

***) CiBoGa grounds: development project just outside the ring of canals. CiBoGa stands for Circus, Boden and Gasworks, which were the things that used to be located there. At this time, I am not quite sure what "Boden" means.

Posted by Reinder Dijkhuis at August 29, 2006 6:00 AM

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