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November 13, 2006

Guest strip no.14 with art by Gijs Rosengarten of Get with the Program

Last in a guest strip miniseries in five parts!

Guest comic by Gijs Rosengarten.

Gijs Rosengarten is the artist of Get With the Program, a geek strip described as " neo-realistic absurdism at its finest". Somehow, that hits the nail on the head: GWTP is at the same time realistic and absurd - and at the same time conventional and innovative. The characters are familiar stereotypes: the nerd programmer, the jaded boss, the hot-shit game designer, the dumb secretary with great people skills. However, when Gijs and writer Jan Niestad use them, they become fresh and alive.
Note how Kel looks like Quety Pie in this strip. Projection?

Originally published on April 1, 2001

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