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December 13, 2006

Guest period no. 5

Some new guest work to finish off this long month-and-a-half. Kicking off are old hands Daniel Østvold and Geir Strøm. This is their fourth contribution; see their first, their second, and their third. The third one is listed as a Daniel solo contribution, but Daniel used Geir's dialogue from the second one. This time, the two are using Marvel-style scripting. Daniel set up the action and drew it, then gave it to Geir for him to write dialogue for it.

The comic is also a first in that it uses only characters that were originally created by the guest contributors, and doesn't refer to Clwyd-Rhan at all, making it more of a Chronicles of the Witch Queen comic than a ROCR one.

Guest Comic by Daniel Østvold and Geir Strøm

Geir has worked with me on many long and short projects including
White House in Orbit and
The Eye of the Underworld. He is also co-creator of the Chronicles of the Witch Queen series with Daniel, and has several other projects in the pipeline.

Daniel is a Norwegian painter and sculptor, songwriter and musician. Of all his artistic activities, his cartooning has been the least known to the public, and this is a shame because he is so good. His contributions to Chronicles of the Witch Queen include The Double, Christmas at Blocksberg and Alcydia.

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