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Home system upgrade!

I'm posting this from my newly-upgraded PC! Pentium 4, two Gb memory and lots of complicated specifications in the motherboard so it must be good. I haven't put the new system through its paces yet, but will undoubtedly find some way or other to slow it down.
Because I run linux (SuSE 9.0), configuration is not entirely without problems. I've got the ethernet card (onboard) working after a few tries, but the sound (also onboard) is still giving me trouble. I had managed to get it to work by using the config tools as root, clearing out all the previous installations and failed attempts, re-doing the auto-probe and then double-checking in XMMS, first as root, then as my regular username. That worked like a charm, but after a re-start (as part of my latest attempt to get the ethernet card to work) the sound card and XMMS are once again not talking to one another. Can any of you linuxy types among the readership help me out with this?

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<Boreger> Do you know the lsmod command?
<reinder> Uhh... I think I used it once, in 1999
<Boreger> Try again. 9>) The redhat using a module based kernel, so you can check your driver condition.
<reinder> lsmod. I'll make a note
<Boreger> Also check, the /proc/pci and /proc/driver/emu10k1/
<Boreger> Oh, almost forget. /proc/modules
<Boreger> It's similar with the lsmod -a command.


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