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Bah! Bah and thrice Bah

These great music blogs: I Hate Music, Popular and The Naked Maja are all too sexy for an RSS feed, and won't be added to my blogroll for that reason. I can blogroll manually *or* depend on Bloglines to automate the process, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna do both, and Bloglines is my method of choice for now.

Too bad really. I Hate Music is a hilarious expose of all that you already knew was awful about even the music you like; Popular is a wonderful project to review every UK number one since the dawn of time, or the 1950s, whichever came first; The Naked Maja is an in-depth look into one writer's tastes in pop music. I recommend all of them.

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Thanks for the compliments dude but Popular totally has an RSS feed!! If you go to http://www.freakytrigger.co.uk/ and look at the bar on the right with all the updated blogs, Popular is on there with its feed. I don't understand such things myself though so if it doesn't work I apologise!

I don't think Tanya's got one though, you're right.

Aw man, I looked through the whole thing twice before posting it. I'll give it another look. Thanks, and do continue this gargantuan effort!


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