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Symbol for webcomics?

A request came in from the Comics Museum's graphic designer. She needs a symbol representing webcomics for a placard in the museum. Since she asked two days ago, I've been unable to think of any. Does such a thing exist or will I have to use some of my copious spare time and brainpower to create one?

Update: I thought I had found what I was looking for in Scott McCloud's symbol for Digital Comics (See Page 200 of Reinventing Comics) but the graphics people need something with more of a human touch in it. Hmmmm.

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The best I've been able to come up with is an electric bolt in a word balloon. But that could mean too many other things, like "talking about electricity".


Most cliché would obviously be a computer screen with a word balloon on it...
Somebody pa-lease come up with something better!

If I still haven't thought of anything by tomorrow morning I'll just stick in a portrait of Scott McCloud. Or his evil goatee'd twin.

I think the tough part is that comics in themselves tend to be iconic -- Dilbert being a good example. So the feat here is to create an icon to represent an icon.

Plus, we want to make an icon for the process of doing the comics, whereas one of the great successes of webcomics, if anything, is being able to hook together with an audience. Drawing on a computer screen, electrified word balloons and the like don't reflect this living interaction... therefore, it probably IS a good idea to have something with a more human touch.

Perhaps the icon should represent many human heads gathered about one screen with a word balloon. On the other side, one head representing the creator who has made contact.


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