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Stop linking to rocr.reinderdijkhuis.com

I have decided to phase out reinderdijkhuis.com as anything other than an experimental location. It has proven to be too much of a bother to keep track of the four different locations in which the comic appears, and of those four, the supposedly more reliable Keenprime host, the only one I pay for[*], has been the biggest headache. So I'm removing all links to it from my real home page, www.rocr.net, and rebuilding the cast section on xepher.net, a free host that has a much better track record. There may still be some broken links on the front page and inside the cast section, but at least when I fix those, they will stand a decent chance of staying fixed.

So, if you are linking to reinderdijkhuis.com, please change those links to rocr.xepher.net, rocr.net or to the ROCR space at Modern Tales. These will also be your backup addresses if one of the others fails.

[*]To their credit, the Keenprime people have been very good about not charging for the months in which one way or another it wasn't working. However, I didn't get a Keenprime account to deal with regular interruptions for free.


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