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My next door neighbours (2)

I just dropped by at Linda de Haan's studio, to ask if she'd read the cnn.com coverage of her and Stern Nijland's first book, which I discussed a few days ago. Turns out she had, and more. She handed me a pile of printouts from news websites, and listed a number of Dutch media outlets that had interviewed her today.
While we were talking she got two more phone calls, and tomorrow she'll have a local TV camera crew over.

Sales of King & King are brisk, as are the pre-sales for the sequel. Once again, the censorious impulse has defeated itself.

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Pieter Valk:

I was baffled to see two of my former academy colleagues in the paper this morning. I was even more baffled by the actual story. Hurrah for them. Stern seems to be doing quite well regarding the fact that she won the zilveren griffel in 2002! I wish them both the best of luck and hope that the media attention in the States will bring them a heap load of succes!


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