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ROCR progress update

Yesterday evening I drew and colored a ROCR update in just under 4 hours, no thanks to the studio computer having some sort of epileptic seizure. Strange how that never happens with my home system...
I need another hour and a bit for lettering, scaling and spit and polish, but I think I may run it as Friday's update instead of the one I posted on the blog the other day. That way those of you who are taking the background challenge will have a bit more time (and so will I)... and yes, I know there are some people taking the challenge. I think the original order of the updates works better in the context of the full sequence, but that will be easy to fix in the Modern Tales archives.

Meanwhile, over at Elf Life, Carson has announced an end to negativity, and an end to the crisis he's been in. Pity, really, because I really had a few choice words to say to the spoiled know-nothings who couldn't be bothered to find out the whole story and wouldn't know empathy if it smacked them in the face and then felt their pain fine, upstanding, principled webcartoonists populating the not-really-PvP-forums-anymore forums, but well, I'll just keep them to myself.
One thing needs to be pointed out, though. In a response to my earlier blog entry about the situation (which I can't find because there's something wrong with Carson's blog archiving), Carson (mildly) criticises me and others for handwringing over his actions. While I'm sure Carson did not in any way mean to lump me in with those webcartoonists who called him names over the decision to pressurize people into buying art, I want to point out for the rest of the world that any handwringing I did was over the fact that he *had* to do this, not over him actually doing it. The fact that all he got out of five years' hard work *and* moderate success was the threat of another eviction. This threat now seems to have been evaded, thanks largely to Amber Panyko of the Dan and Mab, who deserves large amounts of good karma coming her way.

So that's it! No more negativity! I'm looking forward to seeing the art I bought, and to getting back to normal.


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