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Potential Myazaki-gasm, or dud?

Viz comics has put out a manga-ized version of Spirited Away consisting simply of stills from the animated cartoon movie edited into a comic with word balloons. I've been meaning to buy the DVD but as a reader rather than a viewer, and as a cartoonist who likes to explore still pictures for stealing inspiration, I may enjoy these more in the long run. Or would I? It is co-opted art, and rather steeply priced... are these books worth having?

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You'd definitely enjoy the DVD more: The extra material includes Miyazaki's original storyboard. Yummy.

(My Norwegian edition have commentary by a Japanese speaking in Finnish which, if possibly, added even more to the weirdness..)

weird... here in the states they had that out over a year ago it seems.

Theatrical release in the Netherlands was last summer.

I've bought the Dutch edition now. It doesn't have storyboards; instead we get trailers. I don't mean for the movie itself - even before the menu loads, Dutch viewers have to sit through a bunch of commercials for other, generic kid movies. Bleah.

(Then again, this is the first movie DVD I've ever bought. I've borrowed a few, and they didn't have this annoyance, but for all I know it's perfectly normal to have trailers before the feature on DVD?)


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