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A day or so ago I finally bought a subscription to Girlamatic completing my set of Modern Tales anthology site subscriptions. I'm now digging through the archives.

First impressions:
1. A lot of comics have archives consisting of multiple pages, each of which offers only a second or so's worth of reading. This is annoying and destroys the pacing of these comics. Long, scrolling archive pages, please!
2. Favorite comics so far: Sparkneedle and the ultra-cute Jeepers but both of these were my faves before I subscribed.
3. Currently reading: Lucas and Odessa by the same artist as Sparkneedle and Arcana Jayne - Hair of the Dog by Lisa Jonte and MP Mann. So far, Lucas and Odessa hasn't impressed me as much as Sparkneedle, which is a staggeringly original creation with an even more staggering consistency of style. Arcana Jayne - HOTD starts out very well, but runs into difficulty sustaining the energy of the beginning. The chopped, paginated display doesn't help. I'll probably finish reading it though.

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ah yes you have a cable modem now... well some of us are still stuck with dial up and everytime I want to look at an MT archive I have to wait 20 minutes for ALL the comics to load on the page so I can just look at the first one. This also makes it hard to find just the exact one I am looking for when I want to check back in the story to clear something up. Perhapse instead Joey should make a feature that lets the subscriber decide how many comics they want to see on a page... maybe I'll suggest it to him....

I felt the same way when I was on 56 or indeed 28K. I'd much rather wait a few minutes, brew a cuppa and then read it at a leisurely pace than click, click, click for tiny piecemeal portions of the comic.

Letting readers decide is a good idea though.

Wow! Thanks for subscribing Reindeer. And I'm glad you like Jeepers. It might be going 3 times a week over the summer, depending on other projects [I'm doing it weekly now, and I'm afraid it's slowing things down, but it has to be done so I can get thgrough the next month of school without going mad :)].

Arcana Jayne HOTD gets quite quicker once Marv's strips start. You should check out the previous series, which has a more traditional comic layout.

And wait till you see what's popping up in April and May :) I've seen some of the new series, and there's a good amount of stuff

You're welcome! I'm afraid Spike got the subscription bonus though.

As a fan of Adrian Ramos's work I'm already pretty psyched at him getting his proposal accepted. Rumor has it that it involves cows, so the sheep fancying comics artists on this blog won't have any competition to worry about that they aren't already worrying about already! :)

It's all fine by me :) And yes. It does involve a Cow. But I don't think anyone'll expect just how the cow is involved... it's quite cute though


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