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Presents for a baby

On Friday, I'll be on my way to England to assume Godfatherly duties at the baptism of my nephew Kyle. My brother emailed me to remind me that said duties include:

1. Springing for the baby's baptismal outfit; and
2. Buying him a present.

No problem (I think the unspoken part of the deal is that Kyle will spring for my headstone when I croak so I'll come out on top) except that being a confirmed non-parent myself, I haven't got a clue what to buy for a five-month-old baby. I've just been to the toy shop, and I'm sure that a giant Tigger plushie would at least make his mother happy (and if I were little, I'd love it), but the kid's already being brainwashed with Tiggers, Tiggers everywhere, so I'd welcome alternative suggestions.

Also, I'll need something to wear at the baptism myself. Of course, the baby will be the main attraction, but I don't want to show up either looking like a bum or upstaging the rest of the family. I've inquired after the dress code...

And my brother had emailed me earlier about some items he wanted me to pick up for himself. That at least will be easy...

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I've noticed with my baby niece that the dominant toy seems to be a mutant animal (like a elephant crossed with a bee) in clashing colours, usually green and purple. More seriously, something with lots of tactile joy would be good. Those cloth books with different materials sewn into them that crinkle in interesting ways are good, and they look like books, which is also good.


Baby clothes. Baby clothes. More baby clothes. That's what all newborn parents need, admit it or not.

(The GUESTS are supposed to spring for the batismal outfit? Their God, customs ARE different! Maybe I'm even wrong about the above.)

((No WAY I am! Clothes. Clothes. More clothes.))

Charles Kaapjes:

I have absolutely no clue of what parents and/or babies require. When Snorkel became a father the Vera Artdivision group gave him a bunch of different-sized baby shirts. The cool thing was, we ironed on designs of our own. To influence the baby's taste, here's your chance!

Not the guests, Geir. The Godparents. Me and Katja's friend Irene.


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