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24-hour comic day!

Announcement: If I'm at all fit to do it, I intend to take part in 24-hour Comics Day. I will start work at midnight, California time (because Scott McCloud who first thought of 24-hour comics lives in California, see) and finish 24 hours later (duh). I'll work at either my own studio or one of the Stripmuseum's public studios (if the museum receives and approves this idea in time - they're all in ultra-crunch mode so they might not be open to it) ; in the former case, I'll webcam it, and in the latter case the museum's visitors will be able to gawp at me.

I intend to go in almost completely blank. No sketches, no developed ideas, and come out with a finished comic.

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charles kaapjes:

I'm still inclined to join you, if you decide to do it at the studio, although midnight 'till midnight doesn't particularly appeal to me. I'd probably set the alarm for six in the morning or so...

That's why I chose California time, dummy.


Ah, right! Actually reading it can be usefull..
But you might have mentioned what time that would be here, no we've all got to calculate what time it is here when it's midnight in California and you never really can trust those Californians, can you? All the altering of the space/time continuum they do over there...


Best of luck to ya!
Ryan Estrada
from the 24 hour comics day South Korea team


Best of luck to ya!
Ryan Estrada
from the 24 hour comics day South Korea team


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