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More teething problems at the museum

A visit to the Stripmuseum to check on the exhibit this morning highlighted two more teething problems. One is the lack of clear visible signposting of opening hours. The museum is closed on Mondays but it doesn't say so anywhere that I could see it. Not that people hadn't told me, but I dropped by anyway in the hope that I'd be able to get in through the back door for maintenance.
That brings me to the second niggle: although there is a formal system in place for telling who can get in for free to do work, it doesn't work too well yet. I have no badge, pass or security key so I depend on the goodwill of the museum's regular staff and whoever else happens to be in to get in.
So I'll do the check first thing tomorrow morning.

I do have a bit of time to finally thank people, and tie up some loose ends. In the process, many things didn't go as planned and so some people got accidentally snubbed - especially in the final weeks when my mood was dominated by the grim determination to get things finished in time no matter what.

What did go very easily was working with webcartoonists in America, Mexico, Canada and the UK. Apart from the ones who, for whatever reason, didn't answer my mail, getting the permissions was easy and everyone I asked to do some extra work was willing to do so. So here's a thank you to:

Hans Bjordahl
David Farley
Charley Parker
Christian Cosas
Scott McCloud
Cat Garza
Derek Kirk Kim
Roger Langridge
Heather Havrilesky and Terry Colon
John Allison
Christopher Baldwin
Stephen Notley
J.D. "Illiad" Frazer
Pete Abrams
Tycho and Gabe (and their staff!)
Maritza Campos
Shaenon K. Garrity
T Campbell and Jason Waltrip
D.C. Simpson
Michael McKay-Fleming
Adrian Ramos
Margreet de Heer
Sandra de Haan
Jeroen Jager
The people from Stripster
for taking part in the exhibit!

Also thanks to Stripster, and to Michael Roberts for technical assistence, and to Darren 'Gav' Bleuel for offers of the same (and apologies to Darren for snubbing said offer). Thanks also to the people at Lambiek Comiclopedia for the use of their source material. Even though automating my use of their data didn't work out because I had to rewrite it in Dutch, I did find it very useful.

Apologies to Stripster (again) for how a business request from them was handled down the line... something went wrong there and I hope to find out what it was. Apologies also to David Farley - he proposed to speak at the opening and I never got back to him on that. I don't think it was on the cards, to be honest, but it would have been interesting to try. Apologies to Marinus de Ruiter of Zone 5300: I promised you a press release but what with the hectic work of the final weeks I didn't get around to writing one. I hope this blog entry, with the list of participants, can make up for it.

Then there's the matter of invites to the opening. I have heard some grumbling about that here and there. In those final weeks, the only things I managed to do -other than finishing the work itself- was what people loudly and repeatedly nagged me to do, and the only thing I could get done from the museum was what I loudly and repeatedly nagged them to do. In fact, I only belatedly got an invite myself. If the museum had asked (nagged) me to send them a list of invitees I would have given them the names of parties in the Netherlands who were likely to show up, and if people had asked (nagged) me to invite them I'd have got the message eventually. I'll try to do better next time I organise an exhibit.
In the end though, despite the rigamarole with written invites and RSVPs, it was easy enough to get into the opening. Jeroen got in by telling the front desk that I'd forgotten to list him, and his friend Chaim, a local illustrator/photographer/writer, got in by following Jeroen while waving and smiling!

That's it for today's museumblogging. Tomorrow, I'll write something about who I want to have in the exhibit for the first update, due in a few months...


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