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So who should go into the next update?

I still owe the Stripmuseum a maintenance update, removing some of the remaining framing errors from the pages, but I'm already looking at what to do next. Who do I want to include in a few months time?

First of all, I want to have another shot at it with those artists who didn't say no but didn't mail back to give me permission either. That means that I'll hassle Patrick Farley and Scott Kurtz again, as well as the two Dutch collectives Cutie and Nukomix. Out of these two, I might contact some individual artists as well. I love Ray Man's work on the web and in print, and I really dig Floor de Goede's stripblog.

I've already expressed my love for Sparkneedle and Jeepers on this blog, and I'd like to invite them for the next update as well. Sparkneedle because it's a fantasy comic without Tolkien/DnD influences in a format that can really only exist on the Web; Jeepers because, though it can and does exist in print, it's a great example of an eccentric comic that thrives on the Web because it can find its audience there.

I've already invited the Lamelos collective (local boys from Groningen!) and two of them have said yes. They do a lot of work in print but I like the way they present themselves as a group on their website.

I will also look at two other collectives (well, one true collective and a duo) although I still have some reservations about them. I am in the process of rooting through the Probeersel site to look for outstanding work by individuals, and am watching Saiso to see if they put more stuff online. I like the naive energy of their work, which is one property of webcomics and small press comics that is often overlooked.

Speaking of Probeersel, their main man René van Densen said some things about the project in the group's blog some weeks ago that I think were wide off the mark (originally in parentheses):

I can't completely agree with his picks since they reveal mainly a focus on 'established pros' and fairly little on new-and-upcoming-talent, the latter of which are actually lately pulling in the much larger visitors' numbers as it seems - like Reasons Why We Rule, Monkey Business, the PC Weenies, etc.,...

I will reserve judgment on the quality of these comics, but of the three that René mentions, two have hit counters. The counter for Reasons Why We Rule shows respectable numbers, but not exactly mass popularity. Likewise with the counter for PC Weenies which has been counting since 2000. The first PC Weenies strip dates from 1998, which means it's older than most of the work in the exhibit. I suppose that that's interesting in its own right. (The newest comic in the exhibit started in 2003, but there is an emphasis on older work dating back as far as 1993, because it's, like, a chronologically-based exhibit in a museum)

Anyway, while I did include some of the big webcomics names in the exhibit, that wasn't the only or indeed the most important criterion for inclusion and never will be. But since René brought it up...

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hi Reinder:

Just surfed on over following blogs, and came across your page -- the StripMuseum is really coming along. I can't wait to see the final version.:) Our site (pcweenies.com) is in the process of being revamped in a big way -- hope to have it completed in the next two weeks or so. Anyway, I'll step back into lurk mode. Best of Luck with everything!


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