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MP3/Ogg playing software?

I've decided I really don't look like using Kafeine to play my MP3s. The interface is just too clunky and wasteful. To be fair, it's not a sound player but a movie player that can handle MP3 and Ogg files.
As you may remember, I had to switch from the otherwise wonderful XMMS because it just wouldn't cooperate with the sound card on my new system no matter what sound plugin I used. But having used Kafeine for a while, it annoys me that this program doesn't automatically store playlists like XMMS does, it always defaults to my home dir when I try to add files or directories to my playlist instead of remembering the last used directory like XMMS does, takes about 3 times as much space as XMMS does, it takes me back to the wrong window after altering the playlist and give me error messages that I neither understand nor need to know (for instance when adding a directory that also has a playlist in it, it tells me it can't add the playlist file to the playlist, instead of silently ignoring that file like XMMS does).
Any tips for another program that I might use? As you can tell, I'd prefer something like XMMS, a Winamp-skinnable piece of loveliness. But anything that isn't as clunky will do. Unlike my quest for the perfect linux ftp client, I'm willing to do quite extensive configuration to get it right, *if* I can trust the app to be the right one for me, because I will use it a lot if it is. And while I'd prefer a Winamp clone, I'm willing to put up with a console-based program because I won't have to look at it all the time.

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What about FreeAmp?

I haven't tried it though.

There's also AlsaPlayer , which I know next to nothing about.

You may be able to find something at Planet CCRMA:

Sounds good. I'll be away from the computer for most of the weekend but I'll try things out when the opportunity occurs.

Audio MP3 to CD Burner burns MP3 or WAV files to an empty writable audio CD disc on-the-fly for playing on CD player. It works easily with IDE and SCSI CDR/W drives without ASPI SDK installed. It supports efficient buffering system and BURN-PROOF technology during burning.

Thanks, but that doesn't seem to exist for linux unfortunately.


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