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Right-wing conglomerate stifles patriotic expression

Joey Manley comments on Sinclair Broadcasting's recent decision not to broadcast Nightline's roll call of American war dead today, highlighting the free speech aspect and questioning SBGI's historical awareness:

This is scary, people. A rollcall honoring those who gave their lives in this war is not only appropriate, it's traditional and conventional journalism -- this kind of thing has been done by journalistic outlets in every American war since, at least, World War I. It's even a little jingoistic, frankly. That something like this can be considered verboten is truly a sign of the danger free speech is in, right now, in our country.

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I disagree with Sinclair Broadcasting's decision, but "scary"? Seriously, SCARY?

No, it's not scary, it's unusual... that's why it's such a distinct situation. Every time a conservative or conservative group does something like this, it's a big story and it casts a "chill" on free speech; however...

The New York Times regularly avoids reviewing books by right-leaning authors, even after they become best-sellers and top the charts for weeks on end; it's been pointed out to me just today that liberal-driven women's magazines give lots of print to leftist women, but have a virtual blacklist against conservatives. Time and time again leftists muzzle free speech *they* don't agree with, but it's only "scary" when someone on the right wing makes an overreaching decision.

And before the advent of cable television, I remember distinctly -- heck, many network shows still do this -- the typical arrangement of three or four liberals on a panel to one conservative, so the opinions of the lone conservative can easily be shut down as "the nut". Donahue's MSNBC show did this to spectacularly bad effect, which probably contributed to its demise.

And look at what happened to Mel Gibson's movie... if it was completely up to Hollywood, "The Passion of the Christ" would have never seen the light of day, yet it's not because it wasn't worthwhile, as the movie has made a mint; it's because they disagreed with the message of the movie, so it had to be stopped. On the other hand, a new movie depicting the global-warming theory is being rushed right out, with great fanfare... forget that scientists say that the movie's budget would fully fund their necessary *real* science for years on end, the director has made it clear that the important thing is to make people feel guilty, and Al Gore has announced that he will be using its premiere as an excuse for rallies.

Gah, heh, this rant brought to you by a head full of Actifed. I'm getting better. :)


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