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Looks like I'll need another domain hosting provider...

To: support@gandi.net:

To whom it may concern,

I get repeated spam from http://www.buycheapdrugs.biz which is registered at Gandi. I noticed that Gandi, unlike other domain name providers such as GoDaddy, does not have a policy against the use of spam to advertise domains registered through Gandi.
Legally, you can institute such a policy, and ethically you should. I request that you add language to your terms of service prohibiting the spam-advertising of domains registered with Gandi.

I am a Gandi customer myself, and a satisfied one. However, I do not do business with Internet companies that do not make it a priority to protect the Internet against spam, and so your response to this issue will determine whether I will do business with Gandi in the future.

Best wishes,
Reinder Dijkhuis, [email address deleted]

From Gandi to me:

To improve our help desk, we have set up a new interface. From now, to contact our support please visit the link: http://www.gandi.net/support-en There you will easily find answers to the most fequently asked questions, in the area you are interested in. At the end of this research, you will of course be able to contact us by email. An online form will help you to ask your question. Then you will receive our personalized answer. Our help desk is still free of charge, in english or french languages, and only by email. Best regards, Gandi support service

From the link provided in the automated message above:

Cases where Gandi can not act

Gandi is a registrar of domain names. We do not provide any webhosting services nor email accounts, that could be used for spam.

Thus we can not desactivate nor delete a domain name on the only reason that it is used, directly or no directly, to send some spam. Because we can not act as a judge.

However please find below some information that could be useful in two kinds of spam:
When you use the Whois on the domain name that you have found in the spam, you see that the domain name is handled by Gandi:

Gandi is an ICANN accredited registrar, and as such registers domain names on behalf of its customer. Gandi does not provide any webhosting nor email accounts to its customer, but only the registration of the domain name. The use of the domain name is only up to the person who owns the domain, and/or to the contacts of the domain: you can find the details of these persons in the Whois.

Boilerplate above the online form referred to in Gandi's automated response:

Warning: our email help-desk is restricted to questions which are not
answered in our website, particularly in our Frenquently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Mail to legal@gandi.net bounced.

This will not do. Gandi has no policy against spamvertised domains and has explicitly made itself unavailable to complaints about this. The issue is "answered on their website" and if you find their answer unsatisfactory, tough luck to you.

ROCR is registered with Gandi until 2005. If their policy hasn't changed by then, I will switch to a domain register that does, even if the other domain registrar is considerably worse in all other respects than this one. Even Network Solutions will do if they cut off spamvertised domains.

By the way, here's Sam Spade's Whois info about Buycheapdrugs. GANDI actually let Registrant IDs be linked to Hotmail addresses? Really, This Will Not Do.

Server Used: [ whois.nic.biz ]

http://www.buycheapdrugs.biz = [ ]

Domain ID: D6349349-BIZ
Sponsoring Registrar: GANDI SARL
Domain Status: ok
Registrant ID: O-824459-GANDI
Registrant Name: Buy Cheap Drugs Inc.
Registrant Organization: Buy Cheap Drugs Inc.
Registrant Address1: Via 69 Del Sole
Registrant City: Maple
Registrant Postal Code: 84020
Registrant Country: Italy
Registrant Country Code: IT
Registrant Phone Number: 39.3387785927
Registrant Facsimile Number: 39.3387785927
Registrant Email: ad149@hotmail.com

Administrative Contact ID: BCD7-GANDI
Administrative Contact Name: Buy Cheap Drugs Inc.
Administrative Contact Organization: Buy Cheap Drugs Inc.
Administrative Contact Address1: Via 69 Del Sole
Administrative Contact City: Maple
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 84020
Administrative Contact Country: Italy
Administrative Contact Country Code: IT
Administrative Contact Phone Number: 39.3387785927
Administrative Contact Facsimile Number: 39.3387785927
Administrative Contact Email: ad149@hotmail.com

Billing Contact ID: AR41-GANDI
Billing Contact Name: CONTACT NOT AUTHORITATIVE see http://www.gandi.net/whois
Billing Contact Organization: Gandi SARL
Billing Contact Address1: 38 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
Billing Contact City: Paris
Billing Contact Postal Code: 75003
Billing Contact Country: France
Billing Contact Country Code: FR
Billing Contact Email: support@gandi.net

Technical Contact ID: BCD7-GANDI
Technical Contact Name: Buy Cheap Drugs Inc.
Technical Contact Organization: Buy Cheap Drugs Inc.
Technical Contact Address1: Via 69 Del Sole
Technical Contact City: Maple
Technical Contact Postal Code: 84020
Technical Contact Country: Italy
Technical Contact Country Code: IT
Technical Contact Phone Number: 39.3387785927
Technical Contact Facsimile Number: 39.3387785927
Technical Contact Email: ad149@hotmail.com

Created by Registrar: GANDI SARL
Last Updated by Registrar: GANDI SARL
Domain Registration Date: Wed Feb 25 14: 30: 18 GMT 2004
Domain Expiration Date: Thu Feb 24 23: 59: 59 GMT 2005
Domain Last Updated Date: Tue Apr 27 16: 24: 05 GMT 2004
>>>> Whois database was last updated on: Sat May 01 21: 16: 15 GMT 2004 <<<<

Comments (5)

I don't know Reinder.... as much as I hate spam I get an uneasy feeling about banning people for what they do with their domains. Once you start discriminating you've opened the door to a lot of possible abuse.


Then again, as the information is probably false you can let Gandi know that you suspect it to be false. I mean, what kind of italian town is called Maple anyway?


update to that: Closest I could find is a town called Mapello, but it's postal code is 24030


Besides allowing SPAM, Gandi.net's services are truly horrible. I registered a domain with them, their email redirect worked for one week, now I have 200+ emails lost in some Gandi black hole. I have emailed countless times and they will not reply. They just don't care. They should be avoided like the plague.

Well, yeah. They were cheap when the Euro was low, but I think with the current financial situation, registrars in the US look like a better deal again, especially if they offer better service overall.
Go-Daddy used to have quite a spam problem (mostly resellers sending spam and making it look like it came from them) but they appear to have cleaned up quite a bit.


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